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About Us

Photographer with a sign in the background that says smile your are on camera

Howdy! We are Shane and Natalie Viklund, two individuals with a passion for Hiking, Photography and Roving (better known as travel) — because you see Roving makes us happy.

Compression Cirque Hike- Standing in a dry river bed where a waterfall used to flow

We would describe ourselves as reformed ‘Couch Potatoes’ on a mission to see as many interesting things as we possibly can. We are always up for any kind of adventure that take us outside and gives us a break from our worldly woe’s.  We often drag our family and friends with us on our epic adventures.

We started Roving Hiker with a simple idea in mind…. Do Better! When we first started out hiking, we would comb through piles of hiking blogs searching for a great hike to get us off the couch.  And a lot of these blogs were fantastic.  They would spend lots of time telling us about the experience.  However, they often left out some really important information. (Things a couch potato might want to know!)

Important information like:

  1. How to get there? Where is the map showing me where this hike starts?
  2. How long is this hike? Is it 1KM or 25KM? Do I need more than one bottle of water?
  3. How difficult is the trail? Should I bring my 88yr old Grandmother on this hike or should I look around for something a little less strenuous?

This was all information we wanted to know before we rolled off the sofa and flipped off Netflix. So with that in mind we set out to do just that.  We would offer our readers stories, photos and a few key pieces of information we would want to know.

Ram, big horn sheep

Our hope is that we can inspire you to do a couple of your own outdoor adventures. Or even better, maybe you want to follow us outside and try one or two of the hikes we have completed. Because time is passing very quickly and there is so much to see and do.  The world is a beautiful place full of stunning mountain vista, gorgeous rolls plains and magnificent phenomenon. It worth trying to see as much a you possibly can!

Banff Bucket List