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BigHorn Falls in Ya Ha Tinda ranch

BigHorn Falls in Ya Ha Tinda ranch


BigHorn Falls near Bighorn campground

Ya Ha Tinda is a real playground for the senses.  We had been to BigHorn Falls several of times in the past, and had always thought the falls were pretty amazing.  A beautiful gorge surrounded by high prairie grasslands and gorgeous mountain views. However, we had only hiked the top path, along the ridge overlooking the falls.   We always enjoyed standing on the cliff’s edge or sitting on one of the three benches that overlook the ravine, simply listening to the roar of the water as is it plunged into the canyon below.

Bighorn Falls hike- Ya Ha Tinda view from the ridge of the gorge

Until recently we didn’t think it could be any different down below then from the ridge top.

Bighorn Falls hike- Ya Ha Tinda- beautiful falls

This time we decided to change it up and try a new path.  Because it was getting late we thought we would try the quick 1.3 Km hike along the creek bed up to the falls.  Well, let me tell you what a stunning change in perspective!!

Bighorn Falls Ya Ha Tinda- creek trail hike

Wow… Is all I can say! It was like being dropped into a storybook about an enchanted forest.  The overload on the senses was amazing; seeing the sun filter through the thick woven emerald trees, fighting to illuminate the vibrant dewy undergrowth dotted with glossy mushroom caps.

Bighorn Falls Ya Ha Tinda- mushroom cap

Hearing the babbling ripples of the creek whisper as they surges by. Even the smell of the decaying brushwood seemed to hint at a world I couldn’t believe I was experiencing.

Bighorn Falls Ya Ha Tinda babbling creek

Then there were the intricately stacked square stone blocks that create the steep canyon walls;

Bighorn Falls Rock formations at Ya Ha Tinda

Piles  and patterns interlocked together as if some long ago, mystical giant had placed each stone in just the right order to hide this secret place away from the world.

Bighorn Falls Rock formations at Ya Ha Tinda

At one point we got caught in the rain and pressed ourselves close to the canyon walls, like stowaways, to shelter ourselves from the storm.

Bighorn Falls hiding from the rain at Ya Ha Tinda

Not minding too much, because it gave us time to explore the little cave, with its cave writings.

Bighorn Falls hike- Ya Ha Tinda-Rock cave

When the hasty summer storm finally passed we proceeded to cross the stone, foot bridge to the other side of the creek and up toward the falls.

Bighorn Falls hike- crossing the creek at Ya Ha Tinda

Bighorn Falls with Inukshuk at Ya Ha Tinda

The whole experience was breath-taking and jaw-dropping! It is absolutely a Photographers Playground!

Bighorn Falls hike- Ya Ha Tinda- Photographers standing in the falls

Bighorn Falls hike- Ya Ha Tinda- Photographers playground

And I think from now on we will have do both the lower path and the upper path when we make the trip out to Ya Ha Tinda.

Ya Ha Tinda Sign

    • Date of the Journey: August 13th 2016
    • Location: Ya Ha Tinda – Government Ranch
    • We Parked at:  At the Ya ha Tinda sign right before you cross Big Horn Creek and bridge north of bighorn campground
    • Distance: 2.6  km round trip
    • Highest Point:
    • Height gain cumulative:
    • Things to watch for: Falling Rocks!
    • Check out Hidden Falls it is a real gem


  1. Good golly. You do find the fascinating places to explore!

  2. `Thanks. Truly amazing. I think these are the falls Shane was telling me about.

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