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Burstall Pass hike | Kananaskis Alberta

Burstall Pass hike | Kananaskis Alberta


Burstall Pass is a must do hike, especially if you do it during the fall when the larch trees begin to change colour. I promise you will not be disappointed.  The first 3 km are on an old logging road, so not too exciting. But keep your eyes open for moose in the swamp to your right.

Mud lake near burstall trail head

Once you reach to the bike stand, the path takes off through the trees. After a bit you will come to an opening in the trees where you will cross a wooden bridge.  The path opens up into a wide valley intertwined with glacier fed creeks, called ‘gravel flats’.  Stop and take in the awe inspiring views….Spectacular!  Is that a glacier to your left?  Yup, if the mountain is not socked in by clouds you should be able to pick out Robertson Glacier.

Burstall Pass foot bridge, Robertson Glacier to your left

As you navigate your way through the gravel flats you are going to have to hunt and pick your way across a number of glacier run-off streams from Burstall creek.  There is a marked path, but depending on the time of year you arrive here, it can take a bit of rock hopping to get to the other side.  The trail continues up the mountain once you cross the creek.

The gravel flats of Burstall Pass

Here is where the work begins.  This is where your walk turns into a hike. You begin to gain elevation as you climb through a fragrant moss covered forest.  There is a few neat little waterfalls to take pictures of and allow you to catch your breath.  Keep working your way up the mountain and you will soon come across another flat area, this is where the Larch trees begin.  You will have about 10 minutes of leisurely walking on the flats and enjoying the beauty of the yellow Larches.

Larch changing colours top of burstall pass  snow covered pine tree

Then once again you will faced with another elevation gain as you start the final push to the pass. Near the top of the hike the views are amazing. Spend some time at the top taking it all in.  Keep you eyes open for the little Pika. A small rodent that hangs out in the rocks.

snow storm on top of Burstall pass  Pika on top of mountain

Here you can turn around and head back or carry on for a few more minutes (you will be entering Banff National Park) and take in the views of Leman Lake tucked down in the valley.  We seen a mountain goat grazing on the grass on the far side, so you never know what you will see.

leman lake banff alberta Nice landscape on burstall pass hike

Getting Here

This is a 9.5 KM moderate hike; with an Elevation Gain of 1480 Feet.

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View of Moraine lakes deep blue colour from the rock pile

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