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Hidden Falls | Ya Ha Tinda

Hidden Falls | Ya Ha Tinda


Hidden Falls near Ya Ha Tinda

One of the must go to place in Ya Ha Tinda is Hidden falls.  We set off to see if we could find this hidden treasure. After many miles of hiking and a few failed attempts to cross the Red Deer River we finally came to a place to cross the river.  Now about 2 more kms of hiking we arrived the the mysterious place.  We could hear it but could not see it, so down the cliff to the bottom of the small river we went.  Still couldn’t see it.  So we entered a small canyon and there it was……We were breathless! To find on the map check out the listing for Hidden Falls near Ya Ha Tinda.

While in Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, be sure to do the short hike up to Bighorn falls.  You will be glad you did!

Looking west to wardens rock Crossing the Red Deer River Moose antler sign post pointing to Hidden falls Canyon to Hidden falls Canyon to Hidden falls Canyon to hidden falls Hidden falls Hidden Falls Memorial at hidden falls

Be sure to check out Eagle lake if you have time.

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View of Moraine lakes deep blue colour from the rock pile

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