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Crescent Falls – Bighorn River Gorge

Crescent Falls – Bighorn River Gorge


Crescent Falls previously known as Bighorn Falls

Crescent Falls from the very bottom looking at the 2 falls

Crescent falls is a spectacular two  level waterfall close to Nordegg on the Bighorn river.   This is not as much a hike as it is a point of interest stop.  In the winter you will have to park your vehicle at the top of the hill and hike down to the bottom. (approx 1/2 km) In summer you can drive it. There is a small campground at the bottom of the hill if you are interested in camping for the night. From the parking lot you can walk to a small viewing platform that overlooks the upper falls.  The power of Crescent falls can be felt here as you are right above the thundering water.

Crescent Falls from viewing deck

Now I am sure you are thinking, how do I get to the bottom of Crescent falls?  It is a valid question, well you have to go up to go down. You will climb up the hill for a ways until you see a rope tied to some stumps. (If the rope is still there) It is a fairly steep descent down but the views are worth it! Take your time and enjoy the beauty that is around this beautiful waterfall.  Be careful as the rocks are slippery.

Crescent Falls with a model wearing a Hudson Bay Blanket by the falls Crescent Falls from bottom with an inukshuk

Directions to crescent falls

Crescent Falls from bottom both falls seen

If you are coming from Calgary. You can head up to Rocky Mountain House and head west past Nordegg.  There is a well marked road a few miles before Abraham Lake. You will head north on the Crescent Falls campground road.  About 3 km in you will come to Bighorn River lookout. This is a must stop. There is a couple  viewing areas that you can check out of this deep gorge.

Now drive for a couple km and you will come to the falls.

Bighorn river lookout

Click the 360 degree image below to view the falls from the base.

Getting Here

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View of Moraine lakes deep blue colour from the rock pile

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