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Ponytail Falls Hike near Portland Oregon

Ponytail Falls Hike near Portland Oregon

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Ponytail falls looking west

Ponytail falls hike is a simple and short hike that starts out from the base of Horsetail falls.  Horsetail falls is a spectacular waterfall cascading down a steep rock face, right by the side of the road. So make sure you leave enough time to take some pictures of these falls after you return from your hike up to Ponytail falls.  We start our climb up just to the east of horsetail falls.  Up and up we go!  Before you start thinking that this hike is a cake walk, let me assure you that it’s not.  We will climb up for 5 switchbacks till we are above the height of horsetail fall. (Which by the way is 176 feet) Then it finally levels off…. thank goodness!

map of ponytails falls hike Trail to ponytail falls

We keep walking west ’til we head into small valley, and right away we see the waterfall!  Ponytail falls is unique in that you can walk behind it.  I imagine that on a hot summer’s day it might be the perfect place to stop and rest. This place would be amazing to see in the fall with all the maple leaves around. One of the best locations to photograph ponytail falls would be from the bank or even the centre of Horsetail creek. (below the falls.)  You may have to get your feet wet for this one, but it will be worth it.  I would use a good sturdy tripod and a 10 stop neutral density filter which you can find on Amazon for a good price.

View of Ponytail falls from behind Ponytail falls trail from the west

From here you can continue on to Triple Falls if you have time or you can turn around and head back down the hill to spend some time photographing and enjoy the rush of water over Horsetail falls.

Horsetail falls

Look below to see a 360 photosphere of Ponytail falls!

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  1. Gorgeous falls. Wished I had energy to visit with you. Next time I will save myself for the walk. Especially liked the 360, and the rear view.

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