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“Life Doesn’t Happen To You, It Happens For You!” – TONY ROBBINS

Before I understood what that phrase actually meant, I would often curse Tony Robbins and wonder why the heck he would ever say something like that!  Rejecting the meaning of his words, I would passionately dig-in my heels and prepare myself for the mental argument I was about to engage in within my head.

You can’t be serious Tony!? ” I would grumble. “I didn’t want a torn hamstring, after doing a cartwheel with my niece.    I also didn’t want the economy to slow down,  making work hard to find in my industry.  Nor, did I want my stomach to start showing signs of a medical emergency looming on the horizon!

Why the hell would I want these things to happen to me Tony?  Explain it to me like I am five! ” I would demand.

“I am pretty sure my life was fine,  before all  these things started happening to me!”

On and on this argument would rage inside my head. I stubbornly refused to let the meaning of his words sink in. Instead I would sit arms crossed, extremely frustrated, looking out from my perspective at my friends, family and peers as they seemingly cruised along in their lives  with no apparent problems.  They seemed so happy and I was miserable! What the hell was the matter with me? (That was before I understood that what we say, will actually become our reality! Want to learn more?  Click here to join my 10 Day challenge.)

The meaning of Tony Robbins phrase didn’t actually sink in for me until this summer.  Shane and I were out hiking Buller Pass in the Kananaskis area. We had just past the first little waterfall and had arrived at a distinct trail choice. Should we go left or should we go right?  It was right there on that spot, surrounded by the beauty of nature, that  the meaning of his words snuck in under my radar.  As we wandered up the North Buller trail, everything started to click for me. I was consumed by a beautiful “Aha” moment.

North Buller Pass-4th and Final Log Bridge

Maybe, life really does happen for you.  Here I was mid-week hiking Buller Pass on a beautiful summer day.  Normally if it was summer and middle of the week I would be working.  But thanks to the slow-down in the economy, I am here instead.

North Buller Pass-Towering rock formations

Then I took it a little farther. I wouldn’t even be hiking if I hadn’t been diagnosed with gastritis of the stomach due to alcohol abuse. In fact I would have most likely been curled up on my couch watching “Orange is the New Black” on Neflix and happily dipping into my second bottle of wine, well on my way to a full blown ulcer.  But instead, I was here; on top of the world, exchanging one habit for another and loving every minute of it!

North Buller Pass-The view from the top of the world

As far as the hamstring injury?  Just the day before, I had been given the green light to walk, hike and exercise in order to strengthen my hamstring by my physiotherapist.  I was finally getting myself back on track after letting myself go for so long.   And there in that moment, it became proof to me,  that you don’t get to live forever! If there is something you want to do, you should go out and do it!

lake sunset with canoe

That day and that moment have really stuck with me.  When I am faced with a challenge that seems so big and incredibly hard to move past I repeat the phrase. “Life doesn’t happen to you Nat, It happens for you.”  Then I follow it up with “What is good about this problem? And, what is the next right move?”  With that; usually I feel there is a little glimmer of hope and that everything is going to work out like it is supposed to.

I have found that the roadblocks I was facing earlier this year have somehow magically moved me into an exciting new  direction in my life.  I can’t drink …so I hike.  Work is slow… so we got creative and started an online clothing company.  Instead of being upset that I am faced with a problem… I dig in find and a way to make it happen. The list goes on.  I finally see how Tony Robbin can make such a statement and mean it.

Remember, if things do not look exactly like you want them to, change your view!

Blackrock Mountain view of Devils Thumb Alberta

For whatever challenge you are facing, may you see the beauty in the challenge, attack it head on and don’t stop until you get to where you want to be.

As always the trail is calling….I hope to see you on top of the world !



  1. Yup. When you come to that realization you are free to explore all the possibilities. Some you know right now, you’d like to pursue; others not quite so obvious, but offer opportunities unexplored. Personality, motivation, energy and natural God given talents all become part of your new direction. Great article Nat.

    • Thanks Eric! It has been an amazing year. We would trade any of the roadblocks for anything.

  2. Keep on keeping on girl!

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View of Moraine lakes deep blue colour from the rock pile

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