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Bullion Pit | Cariboo hydraulic mine

Bullion Pit | Cariboo hydraulic mine

The Bullion pit | Likely BC

The Bullion Pit, was once called the’ Largest Hydraulic Placer Mine in the World.

This astonishing man-made gorge now stands as a silent tribute to man’s ability to move mountains and his tenacity in the hunt for Gold.

Located just 3 Miles downriver from the town of Likely BC, the Bullion Pit measures over 3 Kilometers in length, 800 feet wide and over 400 feet deep.   At its peak this legendary mine consisted of 35 building including a bunkhouse for 120 workers, a general store, a hospital, cook shack, blacksmith shop & stables. It was made up of 8 mining leases and over 446 acres of land on the west side of Quesnel River.  The mines boundaries extended 1.7 miles upriver from Quesnel Forks, an industrious stop on the Gold Rush trail.



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