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Grotto Canyon Fun Canyon Hike

Grotto Canyon Fun Canyon Hike

Grotto Canyon | Ice walk | Ancient Pictographs

Here is a fun hike to do with the kids…. Head on up to grotto canyon which is Between Exshaw and Canmore. Strap on you ice cleats and get ready to hike up a canyon with ancient Pictographs. The pictographs were painted between 500 and 1500 years ago.  They were painted with red ochre. The pictographs are on the left hand side of the canyon just before to reaching the waterfall. They are about eye level. Unfortunately they are slowly getting wiped away due to the oils in our hands.  The trailhead parking is at Grotto lake. You will hike west for about 1 kn before entering a tight canyon. This is where the ice cleats come in handy. The river can sometimes be like a skating rink. So proceed with caution.

To See a few more pictures go to Grotto Canyon Blog


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