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Quesnel forks Ghost Town

Quesnel forks Ghost Town

Quesnel Forks |  Cariboo Ghost Town

Quesnel forks(Quesnelle Forks, also simply known as “The Forks” or grandly known as “Quesnel City”) is located approximately 10 Km from the small town of Likely BC. Quesnel Forks was founded in 1860. It was a stopping point for the miners on the way over to Barkerville. That is until they built a road through Quesnel and bypassed the forks altogether. Spend the afternoon checking out the old Ghost town.  Imagine over 5000 people called this place home in the 1860s.  There is so much to do and see at this once thriving town. Here is a great youtube video on Quesnel forks.  Gold trails and Ghost towns Quesnel forks

Click here to see some Pictures of Quesnel Forks.


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  1. Loved your presentation of a Ghost Town that I know from visits in the past. I like your approach to photography.

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