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Government Camp Oregon

Government Camp Oregon


Government camp a bit of interesting history.

(Below is what the sign read)

In 1849 the US Army Mounted Rifleman traveled West on the Oregon Trail to establish posts along the Route and in The Oregon Territory. During their Journey on the Barlow Road from Tygh Valley, nearly two-thirds of the livestock perished while pulling 45 heavily loaded wagons. The regiment officers ordered the men to cache the wagons contents near the site until they can be retrieved the following spring. The presence of wrecked Army wagons and supplies gave rise to the name Government Camp.


Permanent settlement of the Government Camp began during 1890 and Oliver C. Yocum was among the first homesteaders. Yocum plotted part of the claim in blocks. Spelling his name with the first letter of the north-south streets. Yule, Olive, Church, Union, and Montgomery. Although Yocum’s streets names survived, his name for the community – Pompeii – did not.


Yocum build the first town hotel in 1899 and other soon followed. During the early 1900s the community was summer resort and base camp for mountain climbers. Highway 26 opened in 1926 and by the 1930s the loop around Mount Hood was kept open all year long. With the addition of ski lifts and tow ropes during the 1930s, the town quickly became a winter Resort. Much has changed since Oregon Trail immigrants traveled the Barlow Road through Government Camp toward their new lives.  Today residents and businesses play host to thousands of visitors a year.

Here is a few more info signs to read about Government Camp.

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