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Morrin Alberta | The Blooming Prairie

Morrin Alberta | The Blooming Prairie


The Blooming Prairie also Known as Morrin.

The first settlers had it right Blooming Prairie was what they called it after the first settlers and post office.  As far as the eye could see there was Prairie flowers, from the Crocus and blue bell to the wild rose and everything between, dancing in the wind.  But with the arrival of the railroad they thought they needed a more proper name. So they named it Morrin after the first engineer to bring a train to town. There is a alot of history of the area in the book called Blooming prairie : A history of Morrin and district

We stopped at the park and checked out the sod house, tractors, turtle, and all the other exhibits they have in Morrin Historical Park.  It is well worth the visit. When you are finished walking around this park take a short drive north up to Rowley (Rowlywood as the sign on the east side of town would have us believe)

prehistoric fossil turtle Buffalo rubbing rock in morin park Massey Harris tractor Sod house in Morrin alberta Outdoor Brick oven in Morrin alberta Morrin Park Info sign


  1. My grandpa helped to build the sod house. He was pastor of the Lutheran Church.

    • That building is amazing. They did a great job. Thanks for sharing the information with us. We always love hearing the background of the places we have been.

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View of Moraine lakes deep blue colour from the rock pile

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