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Ghost Lake BC| Ghost lake Falls| Matthew River falls

Ghost Lake BC| Ghost lake Falls| Matthew River falls


Ghost Lake

If you are looking for quiet and serenity…. look no further than Ghost lake which is beautifully backdropped by Mount Matthew. Ghost lake is part of the Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park. There is no internet, no phones, basically there is nothing here but pure nature.  You can put your canoe or kayak in the lake and try your hand at fishing. Ghost Lake offers some excellent fishing for Sockeye Salmon, Rainbow, Kokanee and Bull Trout.  There is a small campground right near the lake so pack your tent or trailer and stay a while.

ghost Lake Ghost Lake

Ghost lake falls

This is a spectacular falls. The power of these falls is something to behold.  The water just pounds out of ghost lake over the falls. If you are photographing the falls try to stay high which gives you a great perspective.  You can go down to the river, under the falls for a different perspective.  Just be careful, it is quite slippery here. But you sure can feel the power of the falls! Keep your eyes peeled for some Huckleberries.  They are quite plentiful around the lake.

Ghost Lake falls

Huckleberries in the fall

Matthew River falls

Matthew river falls is just downstream from Ghost lake. It is also be called lower Ghost Lake falls. That was the name we knew when we were growing up in the area.  It is best viewed right off the bridge.

Matthew River Falls at sunset

Matthew River Falls or lower ghost lake falls Matthew River Falls above bridge

Directions to Ghost Lake

From Likely head toward Keithly Creek. Turn onto the old 8400 rd.(might be called Cariboo Lake FSR now)  Travel up to the Z rd which is at the end of the road before it turns into the Quesnel forest district. Now the numbers will start going down.  Go to 3160 and turn right. Go for about 4 km and you will cross the bridge above Matthew river falls. Take the next right and drive to the lake.

Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park sign

Click below to see a 360 photo of Ghost Lake Falls


  1. Hunting and fishing potential. Thanks

  2. Lovely place, but worth getting to…
    Fish are plentiful and so are the bugs!
    Please take your garbage with you to help keep it that way…..if you like to take pictures, lots of wild life.

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